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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), in partnership with the Department of Transportation/Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and state & local aviation and airport authorities, leads a research & development program focused on maturing technologies needed for a Small Aircraft Transportation System (SATS). The project's initial focus is to prove that four operating capabilities will enable safe and affordable access to virtually any runway in the nation in most weather conditions. These operating capabilities rely on on-board computing, advanced flight controls, Highway in the Sky displays, and automated air traffic separation and sequencing technologies.


The SATS Project is being conducted through public-private partnership and is jointly managed by NASA, FAA and NCAM (The National Consortium for Aviation Mobility). NCAM SATS Labs Consortia include 130 members (44 participating).


Aerospace Enterprises is proud to be actively involved is this exciting research and development and look forward to continued public/private alliances.  The focus of our efforts involve airport enterprise systems, airspace integration, and airport economic development.  Through client engagements and applied research and development, we are committed to dramatic improvements in the effectiveness and efficiency of air travel throughout the world.